Goats For Sale

For information on our sale policy, please see our sales information page.

We realize we don’t update our goat for sale page often enough.

Most likely we have a goat or two for sale, give us a call at 253-370-6884 or email info@leftfootfarm.com

Doelings and Wethers

  Nigerian Dwarf Doelings  (ADGA Registered)   start at $350.00

LaMancha Doelings (ADGA Registered)   start at $300.00

Nubian Doelings (ADGA Registered)   start at $350.00

Ligerian Doelings (non-registered, Nigerian-LaMancha cross) $175.00 

Alpine Nubian Doelings (non-registered Alpine-Nubian cross) $200.00

All wethers are $125.00 -$150.00

All goats come disbudded and with their shots.

Please email info@leftfootfarm.com for more information or if you would like to schedule an appointment to come see the kids!