Left Foot Farm is hosting Farm Tours throughout the summer! The tour will include a stop at our chicken and duck coops, where children can collect eggs and view a variety of breeds, and the adults can look at the chicken houses and Duckingham Palace and learn about the management of the flock. Next stop, baby goats! Our many breeds of Goats are playful and friendly, love to be held and are always a big hit with visitors. At the milking station, you can watch as an intern demonstrates how to milk a doe, and then you can try it for yourself.  You’ll be invited into our milking parlor, where you’ll learn about the preparation and sanitation involved in producing safe and clean raw milk. we also have chickens and ducks! We are a licensed Grade A Raw Dairy, so feel free to try a sample of the milk, sample a bit of chevre, and even buy a cheese-making kit to make it at home!

Dates and Times for Spring 2021 

Spring Dates have been postponed for the time being.  If you would like to see the goats in a small healthy group setting text us.   We will not be offering tours in the month of March or April.  However, we still need support from folks buying our milk and eggs and appreciate it.      Thanks again!


$20 per family



Please text or call 253-370-6884 or email info@leftfootfarm.com to reserve a spot.