I can’t believe almost 4 months have passed since my arrival at Left Foot Farm in August! Words cannot describe how much beauty this place holds. I am so appreciative of the friends I’ve made, the goats I’ve met, and the look on customers’ faces when they receive our milk. I love being able to see the entire transition of milk from milking the goats morning and night to bottling it in our processing room daily. Exciting results from our last milk test show that one of our goats, Bijou, is one of the best milking LaMancha’s in the Nation! Although she may be our best milker, we still love them all the same. What I find so adorable about our heard of goats is that they all have a unique personality that sets them apart from one another, especially the Nigerians who love attention and lots of head scratching. Squash, in particular, is one of the cutest Nigerian Dwarfs who is always curious and interested in what everyone is doing on the farm around her. She is rather new to the rest of the heard and has somewhat isolated herself from others, but is slowly making friends with a few of the other ladies. Her cute wispy tail, quirky personality, and adventurous spirit has earned her Goat of the Month! 

Not only do we take pride in our goats, but every other animal on the farm has its place in the functionality of the farm and the farm family as a whole. For example, the ducks!! We have recently started to sell duck eggs at the farmers markets we attend in Seattle on the weekends. The eggs are flying off the shelf! I find that their rich, creamy texture, and rather large size is what makes them so desirable, at least for me! For breakfast I usually fry a duck egg over easy and add it to my delicious bagel sandwich. You know it’s good when you’ve got the yolk running down your fingers. Yum! Due to the popularity of our eggs, Jeremy decided it was time to get some ducklings! They are ridiculously cute and soft and grow at the fastest rate I’ve ever seen! In just a couple weeks they more than doubled in size! Soon they will be introduced into the area with the rest of the older ducks. Right now, we are able to collect about 30 duck eggs every morning, which we wash and box with care and place in our farm store. It really blows my mind seeing so many eggs consistently produced by these gals! Soon enough, we hope to collect nearly 60 eggs a day when the ducklings are mature enough to lay.

Left Foot Farm is such an exciting place to work! I’ve learned so much about myself and about farming and really would not exchange this experience for anything in the World.