At Left Foot Farm we milk 68 goats in the morning and at night. All the milking shifts go somewhat smoothly but during a shift you may encounter some difficulties. Here are some examples of milker problems:

1. When you are stripping a goat and you squirt yourself in the face

2. When your hair gets caught in the carabiners making it difficult to move around

3. Getting kicked in the face by a nervous goat

4. When a nervous goat can’t get up onto the stanchion so you have to lift them up on to it

5. When a goat snarts (sneeze fart) as you’re massaging their udder and their butt is in your face

6. When goats from the breeding pens come in and they are goopy and drip on you

7. Getting stampeded when attempting to let in only 6 goats at a time

8. When a goat walks into the milking parlor and poops right on the floor

9. When you’re hand milking a goat and your hands cramp up 

10. When a goat is being particularly antsy and you need to straddle her as the second person attempts to put the claws on without getting kicked in the face 

11.When you are trying to put several goats back in their pen and they twist you around making you fall flat on the ground

12. When the goat kicks over the stripping bucket 

13. When you get every single chlorohex goat

From working on this farm I have not only learned how to milk among many other things but I have also learned the goats personalities and have given a few with distinct characteristics superlatives. 

Most likely to kick you in the face: Gingersnap

IMG_9578 (1)

Biggest udder: Chip


Horniest: Scout


Most nervous: Squash


Biggest teats: Little Ann


Longest leg hair: Daphne


Highest voice: Ladybug


Lowest voice: Bella


Most beautiful coat: Sugaree


Meanest: Olivia


Most likely to bite: Dimple


-Olivia S. (not the goat)