Today marks exactly one month that I’ve been here at Left Foot Farm. So far, working here has been an incredible experience. There isn’t a day that goes by where I’m not learning or experiencing something new. Every day is a new adventure, whether it be learning to milk a goat, make fresh goat cheese, harvest fresh produce from our lovely little garden, playing a game of manhunt with all of the fabulous interns, or hiking and exploring the beautiful surrounding areas.

Since I’ve been here, part of my time has been spent taking photos for the Left Foot Farm website. Between prepping the goats for their glamour shots, milking, feeding, and otherwise caring for them, I’ve gotten to know each one and their varying and sweet personalities. 




Three times a day we bottle feed our adorable baby goats. If there are several babies to feed at the same time, we’ll use a bottle feeding rack, other times we’ll cuddle up with and hand feed. Sometimes they’ll fall asleep right in your arms and it’s the cutest thing ever. When we’re not feeding them, they can be found leaping around on the play structures in their yards.




I can’t wait to keep absorbing more knowledge in the months to come – it feels great to be part of such a wonderful farm. As another day ends, I feel grateful to be here.


Nina R.