Breed of Goat:   Nigerian Dwarf

Dragonfly HFX Messina

   A Halifax daughter whose dam took National best-udder and 4th in her class at the 2011 ADGA Nationals. Messina is a sixth freshener. She is on the smaller side, but an extremely well put together doe. Sporting a long neck, length of  body and straight top line. Messina is feminine yet sturdy. Her udder is absolutely glued on with well-placed teats.

Official Height May 2012: 18 5/8”

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Udder at 3rd freshening, 168/305, 12-hour fill

Kidding history:
3rd freshening: March 26 2012, 1 wether & 1 doeling Left Foot Farm A Scylla 

     4th freshening: February 3 2013, 2 wethers & 1 doeling

     5th freshening: July 29 2014, 1 doeling

     6th freshening: July 29 2015, 2 wethers

Sire: MCH/CH Dawnland Tabby’s Halifax ‘E’ 90

Photo courtesy of Joanne Karohl

Dam: Flat Rocks Cherybdis *D AR


Messina in 2011