Goat Milk: Made with Love at Left Foot Farm

We raise goats who spend their days roaming the green pastures in the foothills of Mt. Rainier. Our goats are fed a nutritious diet and milked with care to produce high-quality raw milk, rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Why Raw Milk?

Raw milk is just as it comes from the goat. It is filtered and cooled, but otherwise unprocessed. “Raw” means that it has not been pasteurized, a process by which the milk is heated to a high temperature to kill harmful bacteria. Pasteurization also kills vitamins A, C, B-complex, and 20% of the iodine in raw milk.

Locally Made, in Small Batches

These days, many people want to limit their exposure to mass-produced, overly-processed foods. Our milk is made the old-fashioned way: small batches from your local farm!

Is Raw Milk Safe?

Even though raw milk is not pasteurized, it must still meet federal food safety standards set by the FDA and the U.S. Public Health Service.

You should only buy raw milk from a farm with strict health and sanitation practices. We are a certified Grade “A” Raw Milk Producer, and our facility has been inspected and licensed as a Milk Processing Plant by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

While raw milk poses little health risk to most people, those with weakened immune systems, such as pregnant women, very young children, and the elderly, should not consume raw milk.

Store your milk at 40° F. Shelf life is about ten days.

Where to Get It

You can purchase milk straight from the farm at the address below, or pick up our milk at one of the following locations:

Meadowwood Organics in Enumclaw, WA
Tacoma Central Co-op   Tacoma, Wa off of Pearl Street
Seattle Central Co-op  in Seattle Wa
Olympia Co-op East and West
Yelm Co-op in Yelm, WA
Marlene’s Market & Deli in Tacoma and Federal Way
University District Farmer’s Market  (Our farm fresh duck and chicken eggs are also available here!)
Ballard Farmer’s Market (Our farm fresh duck and chicken eggs are also available here!)
West Seattle Farmer’s Market (Our farm fresh duck and chicken eggs are also available here!)                                                                

Farmer George Meats  in Port Orchard, Wa

Country Corner Market – Rochester, Wa


Our goats would love to meet you!      


(253) 370-6884
31510 44th Ave E
Eatonville, WA 98328

Farm store Pricing

Pint:  $4.00
Quart:   $6.00
1/2 gallon:  $10.00
1 gallon:  $19.00

Frozen 1/2 gallon Pet Milk   $6.00 in plastic

All glass bottles have a $2 bottle deposit.  We now sell in plastic as well

Our farm store is open 8am to 8pm every day.

Fun with Milk!

Drink your milk straight, or use it to make:
* Cheese (chevre, gouda, cheddar, mozzarella)
* Yogurt
* Ice cream
* Brownies, cakes, and cookies
* Soaps and lotions