Does For Sale

Dragonfly HFC Messina– Messina is a older doe, but lovely.  She is gentle and kind and would make an excellent pet or milker.  We are offering her for $400.00

Phoenix Farm Storm Warning–  Storm Warning came to us as a kid and is a unique goat. Her coloring is fantastic and she is a friendly goat.  She is a little on the smaller side for us as a commercial dairy now, but would be a great addition to any herd.  We are offering her for $400.00

Left Foot Farm Santa Lucia–  We offer Santa Lucia for sale.  Would be a good addition, we just have too many Nigerians for our milking operation.    $350.00

Trinity Valley Dazzling Eena–  Dazzle was a great milker this go around and she will be a product goat for anyones herd.  $350

Edna-   Two year old LaMancha,   $350.00

Farm Trails Breaking DawnDawn is a high milking producing LaMancha  $350.00

Hallo-M African Lullaby–  Lula is a sweet Nubian that would do better in a smaller herd. She has done wonders for us and we want to see her go be a family milker/pet.    $350.00

Little Mountains Little AnnLittle Ann will make a great small homestead milker.  She is lovely to milk and easy.   $250.00

Maiden’s Milk Farm Dahlia-  Dahlia is a mix goat with great personality.  She is a good milker and would make a good addition to your farm.   $250.00


For information on our sale policy, please see our sales information page.