2017 Breeding Schedule*


All Spring and Summer 2017 kids are reserved

Check back in September for our Fall/Winter Breeding Schedule Reservations

Doe Buck Breed Approx. Kidding Date Kids Available
Harmonys Way LSX Eden Texas Girl DR Freddie LaMancha Kidded April 25 2 does: Heaven & Utopia,   SOLD
Harmonys Way LSY Embelish Texas Girl DR Freddie Lamancha April 18  1 wether: Swagg & 1 doe: Flair,  SOLD
Urban Acres LS Sunshine Old Mountain Farm Life O’Riley Nigerian Dwarf Kidded April 27  2 wethers: Ray (SOLD) & Beam (RESERVED) & 1 doe: Solstice  (RESRVED) 
Jobi Madrona Rosasharn SH Baharat Nigerian Dwarf Kidded May 6 1 doe: Sequoia (SOLD) & 1 buckling: Hazelnut(RESERVED), inquire 
Left Foot Farm RM Xaria Old Mountain Farm Life O’Riley Nigerian Dwarf Kidded May 4th  2 wethers: Xing (Sold), Rabat (RESERVED) & 1 doe: Xuan (RESERVED) , inquire
Blossom-Thyme LPL Prada Cree Farm Precious Moon Stone Nubian Kidded May 10  1 doe: Milan (SOLD) & 1 wether: Mario (RESERVED), inquire 
Cascade Accolade Standard Cross Kidded May 1  1 wether: Olympus (reserved) & 1 doe: Elwha (SOLD), inquire 
Stensgar Creek Elegant Elsa Cree Farm TY Tempest Nubian May 24 1 wether: Eli & 1 doe:Ellie,  SOLD
SG Rockin-CB Lot Darjeeling *B Olentangy Andretti Accolade ALpine/LaMancha Cross May 17 2 wethers: Earl Grey & Mate (RESERVED), 1 doe: Chai (SOLD) 
SG Fir Meadow ALP Cinnamon Mtn Lodge Bo Calder LaMancha Kidded: May 29 2 does: Nutmeg & Clove & 1 wether: Cayenne, SOLD